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Storytime will resume Thursdays at 4:30 PM starting June 27th! So join us for a story and activities at the Melvindale Public Library!

Pumpkin Painting Contest!

During October, Melvindale Public Library hosts a Pumpkin Painting Contest. The Pumpkins will be on display for two whole weeks and the Public gets to vote on their favorite pumpkin. One vote per person per day. The top three voted Pumpkins will each earn a prize.



Bookmark Contest!

During the month of March the Melvindale Public Library has a Bookmark Contest! Students that attend the MEL-NAP schools in Kindergarten through the Sixth grade can take part in the contest. The bookmark forms should be handed out by teachers however, any additional forms can be picked up at the Melvindale Public Library.

Parents should make sure the Child's name, grade, and information is on the form so in case they win, we can let them know. Only use pencil when decorating, any crayons/markers/or colored ink is not permitted due to how we will print the winners bookmarks. After the forms are submitted in April by the deadline, we will announce a winner for each grade! The winners will be honored at the City Council meeting in May and their bookmark will be used for the library. They each will get a pack of their bookmarks to share with family and friends!


The remainder of the bookmark contestants will have their bookmarks on display for the public to see. This will run from May through the end of July. We encourage those that applied to the contest and just regular members of the public to come on in and see the bookmarks on display. They are Fantatstic!


Summer Reading Club!

The Summer Reading Club occurs every summer. We have a kick off party the second Friday in June, where we have games, food, and prizes! The program ends the last week in July. Every year has a different theme. 2017 was "Building a Better World" and 2018's theme was "Music." Kids will read for 20 mins and shade in one box on their "Game Boards" as you read and shade in the boxes you can earn prizes and rewards! The Summer Reading Club has its own page under the Youth Services Tab, if you wish to find out more!


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