February 28, 2020



How do you obtain a library card and what you can check out


What you can do at the library and pricing

Michigan Activity Pass (MAP)

Discounts to activities outside of the library!


THANK YOU for considering donating to our library!

What do we accept?

We appreciate donated books that are in good, usable condition. However, we will NOT accept: old newspapers, school/college textbooks of any kind or anything that is wet, bug-ridden, oily, smelly or moldy. If you need a tax receipt, just ask at the front desk when dropping off your items.

What do we do with the donated books?

If the book is in excellent condition we will sometimes add it to the collection. If we already have a copy in good condition or if it is an older title we will add it to our booksale in the back of the library. Funds from the booksale will be used to purchase new books to add to our collection.

Please do NOT leave donations outside the library!

When books are left outside of the library they will inevitably be damaged by the elements. We will then have to throw away the books which is something we do not like to do.

Please call before you drop them off to make sure that we have space.